Bapak Marching Band Indonesia – Alm. Mas Kirnadi

Trendmarching Podcast#15

Jumat, 05 Februari 2021

Bapak Marching Band Indonesia – Alm. Mas Kirnadi


Link video youtube :



Bersama :

– Danny Daniel Kirnadi (Putra Alm. Mas Kirnadi)

– Kiki Djayadiningrat (Korps Putri Tarakanita)

– Heri Gunawan (The Tridinanti Corps & The Crescendo Corps)

– Ipiet Priyatna (MB. Bulldozer)

– Johanes Endra Budi Santosa (MB. PKT Bontang & The Crescendo Corps)

– Eko Satrya (MB. PKT Bontang)



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