Note to directors: Space Chords should be played loud but within control. Emphasize the use of ears to get the chords to be perfectly in tune. Measure 3 is the Space Chord. Assign each musician to a different note at half step intervals for this measure. The change to the next measure should be an instant resolution from the intensity of the Space Chord. This should emphasis the importance of playing the correct pitch in tune after such a harsh sound and helps the players open their ears more. Also have the players stagger breath so that there is no end to the sound. If this exercise is done correctly it tends to have the effect of pumping up all the players, the director(s), and usually the people listening to it as well.

One exercise you can do to improve watching skills requires that you hold out the space chord while moving your hand back and forth across the concert arc. Tell all the players to play louder when you point at them, making a sort of ripple of sound down the arc. Try to get them to make it an even sound all the way across and not get louder by the stronger players. This also has the benefit of revealing the sections that may require assistance playing louder and can help identify those who begin to play beyond their capabilities.

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