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Everybody is a winner!.
Looking back to GPMB 2010 I’m happy to see that most bands in Indonesia made good progress in their quality, approach and programs. It was amazing to see the creativity of many design teams reflected in the performance of the members in the field. Congratulations to ALL participants because you are ALL winners, in our activity there are never losers!

Like everywhere else in the world the battle in Indonesia is between bands that have enough budget to buy all kinds of gadgets trying to improve their scores and bands who simply don’t have money to spend. Those poor bands have to rely on the creativity of their design team, good use of rehearsal time and good education of their kids.
In principle marching band or drumcorps is an outdoor activity and bands/corps should perform more than only twice during the championships. How should that be possible when you brings so many things on the field that you need at least two giant trucks to transport the podia, walls and other gimmicks? How would such a band perform on a football pitch?

The marching activity is about quality of sound, quality of body movements, quality of marching, quality of handling guard equipment, quality of making a good link between music and visuals and not about changing uniforms behind walls and standing on instable platforms to be moved by falling kids!

I admit that I liked the shows of Semen Padang and Gita Sorosowan from the side of entertainment and spectacle but, too bad, those two things are only a small part of the complete picture.

Marching bands should concentrate on the education of their kids in music, coordination, social skills, independency, creativity and discipline. In short, marching band is not about winning, units that succeed to train their kids in all the things mentioned above are all true winners.

I’m sure that quality units such as Semen Padang and Gita Sorosowan have the same principles, education and well being of the kids first, but please show their individual quality on the field! Don’t run off the field to change uniforms without any purpose, you are not marching and during a considerable amount of time and that costs credit!
Don’t use boxes that are so heavy to be pushed that members are falling on the floor, that are so instable that percussionists cannot play together anymore. You can’t use those things on a football pitch, how should your band perform in an international outdoor contest? In fact do you have other shows over the year where you use all these properties? If not, poor kids that practice the whole year for only two shows during GPMB! What a waste of money, energy and talent!

Your properties are so big that you make the already limited arena of Istora smaller while you’re marching with the biggest units of the competition! No space to maneuver, everything becomes cramped in a small area and you’re not able to show your real qualities and creativity!

Some other bands were using so many properties that members made mistakes in picking up the right flag! Chancing flags becomes a distracting habit in Indonesia, I fail to understand why so many guards have to run off and on the field to change flags! Don’t they understand that their points go down when they have people running over the field while there is not else to watch at? Don’t they understand that it makes no sense to change one flag with another one having the same design but only slightly other colors? At the end of their show there are so many flags lying aside the field that it hurts your eyes! Bye, bye high score visual effect! Al least the big boxes from Semen Padang were good to hide their pile of flags in between!

Let’s hope that the use of so many properties does not become a trend in Indonesia because only rich units can effort the costs while all others will suffer to find the money. At least the trend that everybody has to play loud all the time has been stopped, in GPMB 2010 there was a far better use of dynamic range as the years before. I’m speaking for all judges when I say that I’m happy to see that more and more original music and drills are used, no copies of DCI anymore! We’re getting there, good programs to develop skills of the young people training so hard to entertain! Still, we have to work hard on mindset. Music is an international language that is understood by everybody, please use this language to become friends on and off the field. More competition works positively for better programs, competition does not mean that we should become single minded. I’m urging all bands to do at least one other competition besides GPMB Finals, it’s good for the band because they will receive input from judges and can optimize their programs. It’s good for the members because they can make and meet friends from other units. It’s good for the spectators because they can watch their favorite bands in competition in another month than December. It’s good for the local judges because they can work on their skills for comments. You see, there are no losers in our activity!
Wil Bijl

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  1. ijin share ya…

  2. i hope semen padang coach and the staffs read this…and understand its not important to spent hundred million just to gave a cabaret show….

  3. So many disaster in Indonesia on 2010, better you guys spend your money to them who need help.

    Absolutly agree with Wil Bijl ! This is a competition and this is not a celeberation..

    Please think about the effectiveness, individual / team skill and aware with scoring system of this competition.

  4. Tema MBSP.. Celebration 100 tahun Semen Padang.
    Bukan cabaret show,itu sangat menghina,kami tetap mengambil pelajaran&pengalaman dri GPMB,tpi sy mohon berilah kritikan yg membangun,bukan sindiran,hinaan,krn klian hy melihat mrk show,tanpa mau tahu proses mrk selama ini. Winning is not everthing. Saya pikir klian yg sekarang mengkritik&menghina belum tentu bisa membuat show seperti itu hargailah karya dan perbedaan.
    Thanks utk semua inputnya kami sangat menghargai dan akan terus memperbaiki diri utk bisa lebih baik, dlm band kta belajar pengembangan mental,moral&kebanggaan. Jgn membuat anak2 didik kami merasa klian lebih rendah,krn kritikan yg tdk ber moral&mendidik.

    • semanagt mas hasaaaannnnn!!!!!!
      jangan didengerin mereka2 yang menghina..
      toh mereka juga belum karuan bisa ngejalanin konsep yang mas hasan bikin.
      paling kalo dikasih konsep gitu malah hasilnya lebih dibawah MBSP..
      tetep semanagt..
      happy new year..

  5. Bila kita ikut lomba apapun, tidak pernah pasti apa yang kita buat akan menang atau tidak…Dengan penuh harapan kita mengembangkan sesuatu dengan pengetahuan dan ketrampilan kita yang sebaik2nya, dan kadang2 bisa dianggap itu yang paling bagus pada saat itu. Tetapi juga sering terjadi apa yang kita kerjakan dengan susah payah, sama sekali tidak mencapai tujuan yang kita harapkan…
    Di situlah berada pemenang sebenarnya, “siapa yang mampu menerima dan belajar dari pengalaman pahit untuk maju dan meningkatkan diri tanpa harus menghina dan menjatuhkan pihak2 yang lain…”
    Yang tidak bisa memahami ini, tidak akan pernah menjadi pemenang (karena akan selalu menyalahkan orang lain), dan yang jadi pemenang, pernah mengalami kepahitan ini dan belajar dari pengalamannya…

  6. That was the first time for me watching GPMB 26 & 27 Dec.2010, and curious who the guy running on the field blocking my view, then now I know that was Wil Bijl, the judge.
    For all participants, please read clearly Wil Bijl statement below, then we would understand what will score come from :
    “The marching activity is about quality of sound, quality of body movements, quality of marching, quality of handling guard equipment, quality of making a good link between music and visuals and not about changing uniforms behind walls and standing on unstable platforms to be moved by falling kids!”.
    I do understand what Pak Andi Hassan mention above, please tell the kids that there is no looser in this competition as Wil said. I myself have a son in one of a Team who he had spent his time for months, even though his team was not a number 1,but I told him ” you have a great performance and I proud of you “.

    • Mr. Bijl, if I’m not mistaken, is not the one who blocked your view. I think Mr. Bijl is positioned on the upper stand, above the VIP box. The one who run on the field is Mr. Vulperhorst, the field percussion judge.

  7. not copies from dci? hmmm… mungkin tmn2 bs coba bandingin lewat youtube percussion feature dr MBSP dgn bagian akhir dr pnampilan juara wgi indoor percussion 2010, pulse percussion. bandingin jg sebagian dr show MBUI dgn show dr aimachi 2008, battle at the guernica

    • @pulse: saya udah liat aimachi 2008 di JMBA contest. gak sebagian koq. cuma beberapa part aja. bener gak ya? kan klo sebagian bisa hampir setengahnya.. hehe

  8. SP players; Tetap salut dan ngefans ama Padang,,keep spirit guys,,

  9. Wisnu@ Thanks banget ya atas kritiknya,Alhamdulillah.
    .kesempurnaan hy milik Allah,sy baca anda sangat aktif skli comment ttg kerja sy bahkan di diulang2 postingnya I know Ur point jgn kwatir,sprtinya anda sgt TIDAK mengenal sy&proses krjasama sy dgn MBSP,smga ketulusan yg keluar dri anda,Amin.
    sy tdk pernah sdikitpun menyalahkan player atau siapapun tdk ada baiknya menyalahkan siapapun,mrk adalah anak2 kebanggaan sy and I’m so proud of them. Oya kalau boleh tau Pak Wisnu melatih atau bermain di band mana ya? Dgn rendah hati sy mau belajar&minta petunjuk atau arahan dgn anda,mngkin dgn belajar dgn anda sy bisa berhasil dgn MBSP,sesuai dgn komen anda,sy gagal total..atau nama anda bsa sy rekomendasikan ke MBSP. Oya anda Tdk perlu minta maaf.. Its okay…thanks again Pak Wisnu& God Bless U

    • tolong pak wisnu dijawab pertanyaan dari mas hassan..

      kan udah banyak kontribusinya di forum ini, jangan malah diam.. saya juga yakin dari statement pak wisnu bisa dilihat sudah banyak pengalaman di dunia MB.. lebih baik seperti ini, komentar yang sehat, kritis, tapi tidak menjatuhkan..

      setiap unit band punya kekurangan dan kelebihan masing2, tidak perlu untuk ada debat soal konsep atau sebagainya karena GPMB kemaren dah selesai toh?? mau yang lebih baik ya kesempatan tahun ini untuk ditunjukkan..

      terima kasih

      • mmg setiap band punya kelebihan dan kekurangan,,,Tp klo dari Band yg bagus menjadi ga bagus gmana dong????
        Hasan : sy bukan pelatih MB,,tp fans MB sekaligus fans MBSP,,,,,sy rasa bukan sikap bijaksana kalau anda lantas menantang saya untuk tangani MBSP,,,sebaiknya ANDA koreksi kesalahan thdp apa yg ANDA kerjakan di Semen Padang !!!!

  10. Karena kita sangat mengerti bagaimana perjuangan dan kerja keras temen2 di semen padang dalam setiap GPMB selama bertahun-tahun, dan kita sangat menyadari dan salut tentunya bagaimana pengabdian sahabat-sahabat Semen Padang dalam membangun Marching Bandnya. Tapi, itu semua rusak, berantakan, bahkan garinkkkk karena KONSEP yang mas h terapkan disitu. Kita nggak menyalahkan pasukannya kok, kita menyesalkan kenapa mas H merusak citra semen padang yang telah terbangun sangat baik selama bertahun-tahun (tentunya sebelum Anda bergabung).


  11. Intinya 1, buat semuanya baik pelatih maupun pasukan. Jangan sombong, tetap merendah diri lah. Mempertahankan lebih sulit dari merebut. Ingat itu…!! Kalo setiap individu lebih banyak merendah diri mungkin akan lebih baik, the show must entertaint the audiance… Not only give a perfect show. Jangan ada yang saling menyalahkan dan saling introspeksi diri saja. Semoga bisa lebih membangun.

  12. Ogi : SETUJU bgt,,,

    • @Mas H: Saya sebagai penikmat marching band cukup prihatin dengan pencapaian semen padang pada tahun ini. Tolong kl ada yang harus di ubah dari sistem yang mas terapkan demi kebaikan MBSP. Jgn terlalu kaku dalam mengajar sehingga player saya lihat tegang sekali saat latihan dan sangat kelelahan dengan sistem yang mas terapkan.

  13. Semua band kemaren itu keren..
    kompetisi itu memang ada biar ada pemacu buat jd lebih baik
    Kritikan dan saran juga ada buat jadiin lebih baik, jadi ambil postifnya deh,tp jangan keras-keras juga kritiknya ^^

    salam damai..^^

  14. Yth.Sdr Ogi…
    Trims atas sarannya… coba juga anda lihat lagi kebelakang sejarah MBSP…sy pernah bergabung tahun 2001 utk GPMB 2001,sebagai pelatih visual effect…dan tahun itu pertama kali MBSP (kala itu masih bernama MB.karang Putih Semen Padang) menjadi juara pertama caption DISPLAY&SHOWMANSHIP dan Juara 2 Umum. Jadi apakah saya merusak citra MB.Semen Padang? saya rasa anda kurang bijaksana menilai orang.

  15. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU MR. BIJL! After long absent from following GPMB, I started to watch it again since 2009. And my first reaction was what happens with the unique drill, creativity and music performance? All I saw is most band competes to bring lots of big props to the stage that’s already so small!! How can you execute your drill?? The props are already taken half of the field!! Yes, from entertaining purposes it would be spectacle. But most of the time, the props are more distracting than being used effectively. Not to mention, the guards keep changing so many flags and running around in and out whenever they pleased. As much as Gita Surosowan is entertaining, but unfortunately as an audience my last impression of their show is nothing more than showing off how much money they got (sorry not trying to be rude. I think Mr. Bijl comment about them is RIGHT ON!). On the other hand, Gita teladan, MBUI, and Santa Ursula shows a lot more creativity through combination of their drill and music to show their true skill in marching maneuvering and music (without relying on too many gimmicks and props). But overall, congrats to all the band that compete in 2010 GPMB. Looking forward to seeing your performance again in 2011.

  16. mas O dan mas H. Kalo ada masalah diselesaikan secara gentle donk. ketemuan, duduk bareng gtu. Ngomong to the point. JANGAN LEWAT FORUM INI! kalian keliatan kaya anak kecil. Sekian..

  17. hmmm mungkin semuanya harus introspeksi diri deh,,ga ada yang paling jago atau paling pinter,,semuanya kan belajar,,
    buat mas hasan,,om wisnu,,dan mas ogi,,saya setuju sama teoriboy,,mendingan janjian,,ketemuan dimana,,duduk,,ngobrol deh tuh masalahnya apa,,dari pada kaya ginimah ga akan kelar,,percaya deh,,pkknya maju terus ya marching band indonesia,,semoga bukan hanya dari shownya,,tapi juga dari sistem dan kekeluargaan sesama band dan sesama individunya,,terima kasih,,

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