Setelah 8 Tahun bekerja dan melakukan penelitihan dengan misi utama pembuatan drum Marching  yang dirancang untuk memenuhi beragam pemain : Tom Float Marketing / Product Design Consultant TAMA Marching Percussion dan
bekas Spirit Atlanta percussion Director, Blue Devil Percussion Director Beserta Ken Hoshino (CEO TAMA) beserta insinyur-insinyur terbaik di TAMA akhirnya  melaunching Produk tersebut pada tgl 14 Februari 2011 Di TMEA San
Antonio dengan slogan “*Where Percussion Meets Perfection*”

Berikut catatan dari Tom Float :

tanggal 25 -01-2011

Hello, Tama will be launching their new line of marching percussion at TMEA in San Antonio this February. All info will be released at that time including brochures, photos, specs, etc. Most info I have heard people talk about online is incorrect. I can give you some general info but you will have to wait a few more weeks for the real detailed info.

1. All of the drums, carriers, stands, engineering, design and manufacturing is 100% Tama.
2. The original drums were designed to test some components of the drums and then be destroyed. The Ayala version at Bands of America is closer to the final version although all of the test schools have received the 3rd level of new drums this week. Testing will continue on those drums for a period of months before the final molds are made and production for the general public will begin.

3. All the features I wanted while teaching Blue Devils and other corps are built into the Tama marching drums. You can’t tell by the photos that are out. The snare strainer, gut system, throw off, and gut muting system sets a complete new standard for marching snare drums. The tenor adjustability plus multiple new features I can’t mention, are the new state of the art. Many small details have been thought out and incorporated into the way the drums function, tune, and adjust. Stability of drums, carriers and stands has been given high priority. Many safety features are also built into the drums.
Chrome hardware is standard and there is an incredible selection of top shelf lacquer finishes. Every detail is first class…..period.
5. Tama is not entering the market hoping that their product will somehow be good enough to compete. Quite the opposite. The other companies will be forced to run back to the drawing board and try to figure out how they just
got blown out of the water. This goes for carriers and stands too.
6. Most important is the sound. Spectacular! Combination birch/bubinga shells or maple shells, it’s your choice.
7. Tama’s new slogan: Tama Marching Percussion “Where Percussion Meets Perfection”

Tgl 14 – 02- 2011

Hello, this is Tom Float giving you a little update. Most people have guessed wrong about what Tama was going to do or should do for the last year. I have not even left San Antonio yet and everyone is saying incorrect things. I will keep it as short as possible.

1. Sizes of tenor drums: Tama will offer all sizes of tenor drums.
2. The post said “for now you’ll only be able to order big block sets with one or two gock drums”. Well actually, you can’t order ANYTHING right now. Tama has not even released info on all of it’s products, fixed pricing, or finalized specifics on the drum colors as we are still making small modifications to everything. By the time we are taking orders in the future, everything will be finished.
3. Weight of the drums: The differences in the weight of Tama, Pearl, and Yamaha drums are measured in ounces. Some a little less, some a little more.
Tama offers maple shells or birch/bubinga combination, each with different weights.

4. Carrier design: The post said “No carrier makes the drum feel lighter.
Trust me, I tried almost all that is out there. If a drum weighs 16 pounds it’s 16 pounds on your body”.
Well, you haven’t tried the Tama carrier. As you can see in the videos on Ike Jackson’s Facebook page, the carrier makes contact with much more surface area of the shoulders and back. The back support bar can swivel down to allow great support for your whole upper body. This allows the weight to be transferred down instead of pulling you forward which stresses the back more. 16 pounds being held close to your body feels like 16 pounds. 16 pounds being held out with your arms feels much heavier than the actual weight. Centering weight over the body is not a new concept. African women carried heavy objects on their heads for centuries to center the weight over the body. If they carried those objects in their arms, they would fatigue because of the weight distribution. Also, if you have a smaller player,
Tama’s outside tenor drums can be pulled in closer to the body which also lowers the stress on the player. Tama is and will be the ONLY company with these tenor and carrier features and that is why you have not yet experienced the difference. James Logan uses Tama and they have many small girls in the drumline. Roger Carter said they have no problem at all. I will be there on the 26th of Feb so will double check.
As a side note, Tama has some of the top engineers in the world…period.

Those engineers worked as a team with me for 8 years with the main mission of making drums that are designed to fit a diversity of players. Ken Hoshino, myself, and a design engineer traveled many times to schools to personally see how to make carriers for all size players, especially small players. The carriers were designed – tested, redesigned – tested, and redesigned again to come up with the final product. It was not by chance.
5. Heavy looking metal in drums: One post said ” There is a lot of metal on these drums and that adds up”.
Actually, most of the metal look of the drum is because of the chrome finish. The hoops are steel, most of the other parts are aluminum. The tenor legs are very, very light and also unscrew for performances. I guess it is difficult for all drum makers to please people. You want light but then want tenors with two 6″ drums, then a 6″ and an 8″ combo, then put cowbells and jam blocks on them.

It doesn’t pay to discuss the drums until you see them in person, wear them, play on them, tune them, and see what the final versions look like. Talk to someone who has used them for a while. Most importantly, make up your own mind. The drums speak for themselves. You will make up your mind 5 minutes after you have experienced them. Tama is always open to suggestions about the drums. Maybe wait a little as we don’t even have marching drums for sale yet and the dust hasn’t settled from our opening debut 3 days ago. Happy Valentine’s Day and best wishes. Tom Float, Tama Drums

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  1. wah menarik sekali informasinya terimakasih jika butuh drumband bisa menghubungi kami…maju terus untuk tama

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