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Keluarga besar Trendmarching mengucapkan turut berdukacita atas meninggalnya RENE CONWAY 19 February 2014 di Bontang Kalimantan Timur. Selama hampir 23 tahun Rene turut menjadi bagian dalam dunia marching band Indonesia, dari menjadi pelatih MB Sampoerna sampai pada tahun 1993 di rekrut Yayasan Pupuk Kalimantan Timur untuk menjadi pelatih MB Pupuk Kaltim ( MB Bontang PKT).  Rene Conway membawa  nama MB Bontang PKT menjadi marching band fenomenal di Indonesia.  Rene turut membangun MB PKT menjadi besar dan juga menyalurkan ilmunya kepada pelatih-pelatih muda yang sekarang banyak menjadi pelatih-pelatih top menangani marching band top di Indonesia. Rene juga sangat dekat dengan Trendmarching, ID bigman menjadi bagian identitasnya dalam beberapa postingan artikel, komentar, kritikan. Trendmarching kehilangan salah satu kontributor terbaik untuk mengisi artikel marching band. Selamat jalan BIGMAN, kami akan mengenangmu dalam setiap nafas kehidupan aktifitas marching band di Indonesia.(Henry Gultom,Founder Trendmarching).

Andy Dougharty about his teammate in MB PKT, Rene Conway.

One of my closest friends, Rene Conway, passed away last night in Bontang, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. I had the pleasure of working closely with him for many years as we built the dynasty that is Marching Band Pupuk Kaltim Bontang. The phone call came early this morning and I have to say that it was the most unexpected news I have ever received. Many things rushed through my mind: what happened, what about his kids, what needs to be done, what next?

Rene had rocket fuel in his veins. It made him the center of many a love/hate relationship because he was always willing to do what needed to be done for the good of his friends, family, students and the programmes he drove to level of success undreamed of in the activity. Rock stars came to his performances and big name drummers begged him to visit if he was in Jakarta so he could teach them some more of his cool stick visuals. His most recent project was a feature film shot in and around the marching band as it prepared for the national championships. 12 menit – kemenangan untuk selamanya had just reached its peak in the theatres here and discussions were being held about its launching in Malaysia and film festivals around the world. I know he was proud of his kids, Rob and Ryan, but also the thousands of kids whose lives he touched as a mentor, friend, instructor, patron and as truly one of the kings of the marching band activity in Indonesia. We will miss you, bro, but we will not forget you.

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